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Event budgets: how to create one

It is so exciting to plan any big celebration! Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, quinceanera, or 50th wedding anniversary it is so easy to get swept away in all the frenzy and emotion and forget one of the most major things: the budget!

First and foremost the venue needs to be figured out. How much can you afford? How much in payments each other can you take on if you get an all-inclusive venue? The venue should be the beginning point of your event budget and from there you can start figuring out the rest. What the venue provides, if you even have a venue or have a backyard event, will you need two separate venues one for ceremony one for reception? Once this is 100% nailed down, the rest can be put down and figured out.

Vendors is the next big one to figure out once you have your venue. The selection of venue 100% controls this next part of your budget. For example, an all inclusive venue, while more expensive, does take care of great deal of stress and pressure out of vendor selections. If you decided to go with a blank canvas type of venue or throwing an event on private property with land, you will need to interview and select all the vendors. Just some of the most important vendors that is needed: Dress/attire and alterations (if applicable), officiant (if applicable), hair and makeup, invitations and save the dates, catering, DJ, photographer/videographer, florals and linens, decor, and cake and desserts if not included with catering. Those are just your basic vendors you will need for your event. All should be throughly researched and vetted before handing over any deposits and there should always be a service contract!

Additional vendors may also need to be considered in your budget. Does your catering company offer servers and bussers? Who is going to set up and break down you decor? Does venue provide security if serving alcohol? These are last minute things typically overlooked! Not all venues offer help with this and sometimes depending on the help of family or guests is not the most dependable or enjoyable for everyone! Be sure to verify with the venue and vendors what all they provide when it comes to set ups and break downs; especially to avoid any surprise charges the day of your event.

Hiring a coordinator, if it fits in the budget once the venue is chosen, is always the most solid and efficient way to go if possible. The coordinator will normally have plenty of vendors that they work with on regular basis and can help find anyone additional you need. They can assist you with your timeline and execution and your coordinating your vendors day of event. Once you are sitting down ironing out the details of your budget and what all is needed, a coordinator being considered is very highly recommended.

Additional vendors and costs to consider: event insurance (more and more venues are requiring this, it can be added to home policy call your agent to get details), gifts and favors for bridal parties and/or guests, added entertainment i.e. live singer, photo booth, etc, get away car, party bus, kids entertainment i.e. face painting or bounce house, event nanny, bouquet preservation, door hosts or valet, security, henna body art, and so much more that is specific to the family and event!

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