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micro wedding- the new trend

A micro-wedding is a smaller-scale, more intimate celebration that “typically” has a guest count of 20 or less and has a shorter, more straight to the point type of timeline. The ceremony tends to be on the shorter side, just depending on the couple and their wishes, and everyone is usually more fancy casual type of dress. The reception is also more relaxed and a little shorter also. This type of celebration is also much more economical, with small packages running anywhere from $250-$3000 total cost. Just like any other wedding, these events can be customized and have as much added as can be taken away.

This new trend has become more popular since it does save a considerable amount of $$$, is more inclusive than an elopement that sometimes is just an officiant and the couple, and takes away alot of the stress of wedding planning! It gives the excitement of a Vegas chapel type wedding, but can be slowed down and coordinated to include family and anything else important to you and your spouse. Even venues in the Houston area have hopped on the bandwagon and started offering micro wedding packages!

For example, Spring Chateau in Spring, TX is introducing their micro wedding packages this year! The Graceful Micro Wedding ($800) Elegant Micro Wedding ($1900) and Micro Lux Wedding ($2500) and they have marvelous add ons like a LIVE singer! If interested in any of those packages or more info, you can reach out to Happy Times Event Services directly!

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