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Whats the difference between venue manager and day of coordinator?

Alot actually! And most people (especially couples planning a wedding for the first time) do not realize they both serve different vital roles during your day.

First let’s start with the venue manager, or their event coordinator they give you for the day of your event. They can have several different titles but, unlike the Day of Coordinator being optional to couple to hire, there will always be someone representing the venue during your event. This person’s primary role is to work for the venue, not necessarily for you. Typically, they handle only venue related tasks or situations and will interact very little with your other vendors. They will not help you with your timeline, but will need a copy of it. They may recommend vendors to you, a preferred vendor list, but they do not assist with anything else past that when it comes to additional vendors. Last minute emergencies, i.e. broken heels, forgotten basic beauty items, items needing to be picked up a venue manager will not be able to handle. Their primary responsibility is to the venue and the ensure their specific service contract is fulfilled. Of course, there are always exceptional people who will go above and beyond, but they are more rare than common.

Now the benefits to hiring a Day of Coordinator; their all for you! Their primary responsibility is 100% to you and your needs for the day and sometimes the day before also (depending on that person’s packages). They assist with rehearsals, timeline creation, vendor coordination, last minute emergency solver, and decor set up and break down! If you do not want the venue’s preferred people, that’s where the coordinator’s exclusive connections they have been building for years becomes vital! The coordinator may seem like an unnecessary expense, you may think you may have enough family there to help with everything. But being interrupted constantly during hair and makeup and pictures to answer questions, direct people, pay vendors, and find items you need at certain times can spoil your own time at your wedding! And after guests and family have drank and eaten, no one wants to help break down decor. Having a coordinator that is on the same page as you and shares your vibe and helps put you at ease on your biggest day, is priceless. And also, can save you money in the end with recommendations, picking up slack if needed, and assuring everything goes smoothly and the way you envision!


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